Day 275. 90 days and $91 left togo.

I totally loved this blue and white frock that I ended up using for the dress for the day. Day 275 - Before

The bold palm leaves were what drew me in, but it was a bit too busy right now. The contrasting striped material was a slight headache as well, but it's going to definitely get to a non=headachey spot soon...

To begin getting rid of the annoying fabric contrast, I began by trimming out the striped V that sat on the chest.

Trim out that collar!

I really disliked the two toned nature up here, so sniptime was around the bend.

It's gone!!!

In a hot second, the two toned material went from attached to adios!!

Clearly the pads had to go next...


...and lastly it was all about making this into a top. I trimmed right below the waist and cut on one of the striped lines that sat at my hips.

Going Short!!

I was left with this excess which I will be reusing in no time!!


I paired the new top with an olive green tank, a wooden beaded necklace (thanks to a trip to the Melrose Trading Post Flea Market), and a pair of skinny jeans for the day.

Day 275 - After

I loved the way this looked now - just a few easy tweaks to go from overwhelming to A-OK.

I went to a quick dinner with JS at Doughboys where we went a little splitsville in ordering (always the best because it's always SO difficult to make a dinner decision) right before she gave me one of the coolest gifts ever...

To share with you guys, I was just featured in this month's Los Angeles Magazine as their September tastemaker (woo hoo for being in a September issue!!)!

Best Present Ever!!

To commemorate the issue which just came out, JS did a little framing action of page 84 where I was featured...

My September issue!!

Now I'm a total scrapbooker, so clearly this was going to be included, however the whole framing idea was the icing on the cake.

Speaking of icing, a low-key night with the best company you could ask for was just perfect, but this was the kicker...

Red Velvet!!

Courtesy of a lovely picture I found posted by jleighb on flickr, this is how we ended the dinner. I was overwhelmed by the frosting so I clearly lost my mind in not remembering to document this on my own camera.

There was a total food coma post this treat, but rightfully so and so worth it!!