Day 274. 91 days and $92 left togo.

I have to say that when I saw this top at the pile sale this morning, I knew exactly what I wanted to turn this into!! I've got an Emmy party to go to tonight and this costume is going to be just perfect! Day 247 - Before

Sure, you're thinking it's a cheerleading top can't really make this into anything. Oh just wait...this top is turning into a mini-costume, but one where I don't have to wait until Halloween to wear.

The first plan of action was to get rid of "Gauchos" written on the front. They're the mascots to UCSB, however that is far from what I'm going for today.


After a lot of seam ripping, we got the top to look just like this. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose right about now!! (That's a total Friday Night Lights reference for all you equally obsessed Riggins fans...)

Oh Tim Riggins...

The front was completely empty (woo hoo) and in just the condition to do a little ironing on.


While the iron was heating up, I went through my letters and cut out the eight that are going to be placed down.

Letter time!!

I took my letters and carefully placed them down in a straight row. The iron got hot and I began to go over my letters for about 30 seconds.

Press it Down!

After a short cool down, I began to peel the paper backing from the decals.

First the C...

One down...

And then the HEERIOS...


It's my total GLEE inspired Emmy's outfit for the night!!

Watch out, or else slurpee in your face!!

Just like Brittany, Santana and Quinn, I was totally rooting for Jane Lynch to win the Supporting Actress Emmy.

Day 274 - After

My teammate JMT provided a viewing of the awards show, and we totally broke down some routines in-between commercials.

Yay Jane!!

Honestly, I think we're looking more like this right now...

Woo Spartans!! Ready, OK!

...however, in our hearts, it was all about the GLEE tonight.

We literally cheered when Jane won...


Sue Sylvester would be proud!!