Day 273. 92 days and $93 left togo.

I was just rewatching Swingers again for the 47th time so I totally had in my head a vision where this piece was going. Day 273 - Before

Right now it's all buttoned up and stuffy, but this crepe dress is going to be looking money in no time! It's so money and it doesn't even know it yet!!

First thing I did was remove the solo shoulder pad that was situated in the right shouler area.

Outtie 5000 Shouder Pad

Next I hit the sleeves - I grabbed my seam ripper and began unstitching each arm to make the piece sleeveless.

Going armless...

Once we got the sleeves off...

Later sleeves!! came the collar. I wasn't feeling any of the white trim, so I just pulled it all off.

Collar Removal

I cut strips off of the leftover arms for two reasons. First, I sewed a few of them together to make a sash, woo!! Second I wanted to have some matching material to wrap on top of safety pins and hide them, which you'll soon see.

Fabric Strip!

Out came the sewing machine to finish up the edges of the arms and collar as well taking it in a few inches to make it a little more fitted. It's going to be ready for all the "beautiful babies".

Last Step!

I grabbed some safety pins and pulled a little "pinch and cinch" action but used the extra material I trimmed off to tie on top of it.

Did the signature "pinch and cinch" but had to cover it up!

It was more about gathering as much fabric as possible which made it less clean looking. The fabric on top did just the trick. We are totally money now.

Day 273 - After

This dress was super reminiscent of the last scene in Swingers where Jon Favs (as in Favreau) meets his dream girl doing a little bit of swing. All I need is some Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in the background and maybe a trip to the Dresden to see Marty and Elaine to completely channel this look.


If I only coiffed my hair the same way, then we'd be cooking with gas!! That will have to just wait for "Vegas baby, Vegas"!