Day 272. 93 days and $94 left togo.

My ensemble for the day came from this hand painted puppy below... Day 272 - Before

Check out all the detail up close...

Love the details!

I was obsessed with this fabric paint that was used and loved the colors and the design but as it was it felt a little too polka dotty. I wanted to make the rest of the design pop, so I figured I'd go tunic and make it short.

First step was cutting it right at the edge of the design on the bottom.

Tunic Time!!

I've got some amazing leftover fabric that I will most definitely be using again!!

I prepped the bottom of my new top for sewing a new hem which will be happening oh so shortly...

Inside out!!

But first, I wanted to change up the sleeves a bit. Because I wanted the design to be the focal point, I began trimming right beneath the florals on my shoulders which is going to work perfectly in giving them a dainty, handkerchief feel.

Sleeve Trim!!

After I trimmed, I pinned!! I took in the top just a few inches to make it a little more fitted and then got out the machine to tie it all up.

Top Tweak!

Le fin??

Day 272 - After

I paired it with a vintage gold link cuff from eBay, some jeans that I rolled up and some black flats for a quick jaunt downtown with my gal LP.

We parked and hopped from place to place mostly for the music themed photo ops.

LP got hers at the piano...

LP and her keys...

And I got mine at the jukebox...

My BFF the jukebox

TGIF! Happy weekend friends:)