Day 271. 94 days and $95 left togo.

Let's just say that there's a whole lotta mess happening at the collar of this puppy. Day 271 - Before

I'm a total gingham gal but it was a little too much gingham in all the wrong places.


I decided to veer away from the Marianne from Gilligan's Island look today and take it off!

Getting rid of the gingham!

I cut the gingham fabric off from around the neckline and in just minutes, the gingham was gone!!

Gingham gone!

Now that the neckline was clean and pretty, I went to shortening the dress next. I cut off about a foot of fabric to hike it up.

Going short!

Instead of stitching my hem I did something that any of you will be able to recreate at home. I pinned and folded the edge of my dress under and ironed it down in place. I grabbed some mailing tape, took off a few swatches, and used that to hem the bottom of my dress.

Taped Hem!!

Voila! A simple and easy trick for anyone who may not have a sewing machine or are less inclined to use one.

The last change was my siggy "Pinch & Cinch" trick that I used at the neckline...

Pinch & Cinch!!

I pinched each side of the halter neck, took a safety pin to the gathered fabric, and cinched it in place.

Safety Pins!!

Such a simple trick to really give a little more drama to the neckline.

Day 271 - After

Hello new dress!! I used the belt from Day 139 to wrap around the waist of my brand new halter!! What a difference a little gingham removal and shortening can do!

From the back!!

This called for a celebration, so I headed to MILK for a little sweet treat to end my day...

Nutella & Coffee Toffee!!

Nutella ice cream and a coffee toffee ice cream sammie? I nearly fainted.


You'd think my night was made right there, but no...there was a cherry on top of this ice cream sundae! They were playing Bananarama's "I Heard A Rumor" which took me back to 1987 when I used to dress up in my dad's big button down shirts and have dance parties. Oh happy's nice to be back home in LA!