Day 270. 95 days and $96 left togo.

Wanted to get something short and sweet together for today!! Right now this is neither short nor sweet, discuss, discuss. But fear not friends (and Linda Richman...), talk amongst yourselves and we'll get it there!! Day 270 - Before

There's a lovely hole in the dress right now, that if you look around my knee you'll see. We won't even have to worry about mending that in a quick few minutes.

Before we go short, I had to take off the lace that was at the neck and the arms. It was a bit too much for me...

Off with the lace!

...and I wanted it cute, just not super Laura Ingalls Wilder-y. You catch my drift, right?

Love me some Little House, but don't actually want to be on the Prairie...

With my trusty seam ripper I got to some serious removal.

Off with the lace...continued!!

After the lace was gone, it was time to work on going short! I took my Singerissors (Singer+Scissors=Singerissors) and cut the dress a little above my knees.

Going short!

This was perfect as the hole above was getting trimmed away and I didn't have to worry about any patching! I actually left this edge raw, paired my new dress with a brown woven belt, did a little untucking action and it was ready to wear.

Day 270 - After

Cool, comf, & cute on top of that short and sweet look I was going for. It's like buttah!

No Big Whoop!

Don't get verklempt...

One armer!!

I'm so far from that Prairie now...NY is ending and I'm going back, back to Cali, Cali. The CA sun will be here soon enough! Will give full report tomorrow!!