Day 269. 96 days and $97 left togo.

Another NY day that had rain on the agenda, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to be just a little glam. I wanted to continue painting the town red and I was going to do it in this! Day 269 - Before

OK, this totally struck my fancy because of the color and those delicious ruffles on the left side of the dress. I’m totally counting the beats to the cha-cha in my head right now, but it’s just a little plain still. I will be totally Dancing with the Stars ready in just a few small steps...

Trim! Trim! Trim!

The main change is going to be the neckline and I began by cutting it on an angle from the left shoulder to a smidge below my right armpit.

Asymmetrical Time!!

Schwa! We’re at a bias cut now friends!! Doing a little asymmetrical action with the puppy!!

Pin it!

I then pinned down the raw edging and threaded up my machine in red, but of course, to tack down my new cut.

Almost there!!

After stitching the top, I had to then go take care of tightening the area above my elastic waist. Now that it was asymmetrical I was running the risk of a little too much drape (i.e. flashing the strapless bra that will be worn beneath) so that needed to be tweaked. I took in about five inches and had it perfectly fitted after a couple of tries...

Third try's the charm, yes?

To give it just a little extra bit of flair, I grabbed the belt that I wore a few days ago on Day 265 and wrapped it around my waist.

Day 269 - After

Yeah, I know what you're all thinkin...

Sometimes, when I get nervous, I stick my hands under my armpits and than I smell them like this!

Nothing is better than enjoying the day in the city with my amazing family - aunt and uncle extraordinaire P & S, my fab cousin H and loveliest DM.

Heart the fam!

I also got to scoot over to see CB and JS one last time before the end of my trip. If only I knew vests and ties were on the agenda I would have replanned my wardrobe. Next time boys.

My boys :)

Finally I got to see my gal GA who moved away from me and LA to embrace the stage of NY.

Watch out Kate Winslet!

Despite the rain, the day was full of sunshine in my well as lots of laughs, a few squeals, perhaps some cha cha-ing on the streets (can’t help but dance when I hear that La Roux song) and smiles that went from ear to ear.

Even met some new friends who let me know they loved what I was doing!!

The cutest gals around!! DA, JL, & SE :)

Yeah, the town was doused in red.