Day 268. 97 days and $98 left to go.

Today's piece was one that I absolutely adored. The skirt was way too long for me and it was a little too fitted for my tasted. If it's going to be long, I want it flowy and swishy. Day 268 - Before

The color palette is my fave - mauve and ivory? Sign me up. I was thinking about just cutting the skirt short into an A-line, but then I began playing around in front of the mirror.

Playing around with my options!

I pulled it up to my chest and was starting to like where this was going. Strapless dress? You know me, this I LOVE! I didn't want it to just hang as it was, so I grabbed one of my belt options that I toted along with me to NY.

Some ivory with gold trim, belt action was what I went with. I put the belt around my waist and began to pull some of the material to make it a little baggier up top. Grabbed a gold vintage tassel necklace to wear along with my tote bag to enjoy the day.

After 268 - After

First stop?

The key to my heart!!

You guessed it!! I had to get my hazelnut fix. I think I was drooling as the lovely woman at the counter asked me how I'd like my coffee. It's beyond ridiculous my obsession :)

Kid in a candy store, much?

Being that I forget what rain actually is (LA has those waves of rain, and it's really been too long to remember what it feels like), it was not on my radar to even tote along with me my umbrella, ella, ella.

Times Square in the rain...

Instead I cabbed it when I got caught up in droplets this afternoon.

Did I bring an umbrella from NY?

Got to see some friends, check out my gal LH's incredible show Bachelorette, and ended the day with the below...


I don't do dogs often, but this is one that I just can't miss.

Mmm, how I've missed you Grays!

A dog and a to-go cup of papaya drink made me a very happy girl.

What up dog?

Dunkin Donuts wishes and hot dog dreams this evening? Yeah, you can count on that.