Day 267. 98 days and $99 left to go.

Today's outfit was chosen from a fun little collaboration I did with Borders on their Facebook page where viewers got to pick which outfit I was going to prep for today. For those of you who didn't see it, here's what we were working with! Borders Poll!!

Oof! won with 49% of the votes, so that's the dress that got donned this torrential downpour of a Sunday on the streets of Manhattan (and Queens for a minute).

Day 261 - Before

This dress was a sheer, delightful lavender frock that I had some big ideas for. The flowers on the fabric around the neck and down the center of the dress were what really brought me it. I just wanted to make a few small changes to really make it chic.

Sleeves are coming off - it's humid and even though it was raining all day, these sleeves had to go because I was still sweating buckets on my treks from the East Village to Queens to Midtown and back to the East Village again.

Sleeve unseaming!

Seam ripper easily got rid of both elastic cuffed sleeves.


The body of this dress was a bit big on me, so I wanted to take it in a bit to really make it fit. The V was being rocked and I didn't need any drapey fabric uncovering the boobs in my flash sprints when the rains slowed down.

Tightening up!

I stitched up the body to avoid these potential flash moments and brought back my signature "pinch and cinch" move, gathering a pinch on the straps and cinching them with a safety pin!

Tightening up!

WIth the addition of a slip, my dress was good to go!!

Day 267 - After

The day began with more brunching with the boys.

Boys Brunch Day 2!

We hit up Arcane for literally the best breakfast deal around...

Be still my chalkboard heart!!

...where it was $9.95 for coffee, OJ, Bloody Marys, and an omelet with delish potatoes. I literally had three beverages at my reach to interchange between omelet and rosemary potato bites.

The rains picked up after breakfast as I ran to the subway and got umbrella, no problem. I love the hot temps mixed with the raindrops so it was actually awesome to run in. Good thing I had a slip underneath this puppy or else the "Wet Dress Contest" would have been in full effect.

Soaked waiting for the 7

Not even the rain was going to stop my trip to Queens to hit up the Goodwill Outlet where everything was $1.69/lb.


Totally worth sifting through bins and bins of giveaways.

Post shopping we decided to meet up for a little happy hour to celebrate the soon-to-be JH's birthday.

Happy Almost Birthday JH!!

Had a little St. Germaine/Stoli/soju/white peach puree concoction which was the ultimate treat of the day.

I couldn't end my day without a little stop to the Time Warner Center and Borders on the second floor to celebrate the winning outfit!!

Borders Love!!

Thanks to everyone who voted! We'll have to plan some more interactive choosing soon...

Little sidenote as I was compiling the pictures from the day...I couldn't help to notice all the French influences I came across in my city travels.

First off, JS ordered his fave Croque Monsieur at brunch.

Bonjour Croque Monsieur!

Because I spoke of my love of St. Germaine at happy hour, the lovely bartender gave me a souvenir (...unfortunately it was solely for the photo op).

Bonjour St. Germaine!

I literally met a lovely garçon from Paris...

Bonjour mon ami français Clem!

...before stopping off to grab a baguette for a late night snack.

Bonjour baguette!

I think it's a sign...that Parisian layover may have to happen.

Bonne nuit!