Day 266. 99 days and $100 lefttogo.

After arriving this am into JFK, my day was a bit full of napping and brunching and napping and sewing and napping and eating late/cocktails enjoying and finally passing out. The outfit today was this in the beginning.

Day 266 - Before

Hello train conductor look going on right now!! Pinstriped denim in the house!! It looked like this "kids conductor costume" and I wasn't ready to don the red bandana around the neck.

Toot Toot!!

Honestly, it's way too hot to be wearing denim right now, but I'm going to turn this into denim that can be rocked in NY on a hot and relatively mixed humidity day.

Gots to get rid of the legs on this number!!

Buh bye pants legs!

I cut the legs off and then seam ripped the stitches at the crotch keeping the piece together. Skirt time friends!!

No longer connected at the crotch!

I then got rid of the arms...again, too hot for anything clingy, so short and sweet was in the front of my mind.

No more long sleeves!

Also, because I was going to be taking this in, I removed both back pockets - they would have been sewed over, so I thought it was perfect to just get rid of them.

Buh bye back pockets!!

Out came the sewing machine and a new hem was made as well as taking in the body.

Stitch time!

There was one final note of embellishment I wanted to add. I took the extra fabric and began to cut.


I cut a little heart out of it...

I Heart U! be used to cover a little hole that was made when I was taking off the back pockets.

Just a quick hand stitch, the addition of a belt and then my piece was ready for the city!!

Hand stitching the heart!!

It rained a bit today and when that is paired with hot temperatures, feels AMAZING!!

Day 266 - After

But before we look at my day out, I was so graciously welcomed by JS, CB, and JH into their apartment that I even had a personal welcome message!!

Best Welcome Ever!!

After a morning nap, I grabbed some late brunch - it was more like linner (lunch & dinner), eating at 3:30pm - with my guys that involved catching up over bloody marys, mimosas and wheat toast.

Boys Brunch!

After nap number two, we rallied and hit the town. We had some eleven o'clock pizza...

White Pizza & Garlic Knots - late night eats done right!!

...and then proceeded to paint the town red.

Painting that town...

Literally, it was crimson.