Day 265. 100 days and $101 lefttogo.

So, today I'm heading on a little trip to NY - woo hoo for getting to head back to my home state!! Being that I'll be on the red-eye flight and will most definitely sleep the entire way, I'm going for cozy and comfy. This piece was just that.

Day 265 - Before

I adore this fabric and must say that this cotton is literally the most luxe I've felt. Super worn in soft!! I wasn't really feeling the neckline and the length as well, so I thought I'd take this down the tunic route!

I began by making a little neckline adjustment.

Unbutton and fold!

I liked the gold buttons but I felt like there just wasn't enough. Instead of the buttons, I undid them and folded each side under.

Fold and tuck!!

Did some pinning to prep these to be permanently sewn down and then got out the machine. Gave the bottom a new hem and gave myself a new neckline!

Tunic time!!

I loved the sleeves and didn't want to change them at all so I ended up just cutting a strip of material from the excess fabric to use as a sash to cinch instead of actually taking it in.

Sash from the excess!!

And voila, new tunic totally ready for a six-hour tour plane ride across the country!

Day 265 - After

I arrived to what felt like the night before Thanksgiving in an airport. Hordes of people outside at the skycap. Hordes of people inside on the security lines. Hordes of people on line waiting to use the electronic kiosks to print out boarding passes. There was even an auction type caller/United Airlines employee on a microphone directing people in line to available counters. One word. ZOO!!

Woo hoo!!

Got to gate 75B, luckily boarded and got an aisle seat and passed out before the plane even took off in total Marisa fashion.

I slept. We landed. NY was under my feet.

Sunglasses are most defintely being worn post a red eye waiting for luggage.

I'm feeling surprisingly good right now but I know that a wall will be hit in a few hours. Will just have to go to Dunkin Donuts (!!!!) to get caffeinated. PS, I'm going to Dunkin Donuts each day while I'm here to get my fix. You may see photographic evidence, just sayin!

Bienvenidos a NY!!

Oh how I've missed you...

Le Sigh...

Eat Pray Love inspiration ends today and in spirit of my domestic travels I'm posting some of yours...

Susan and her daughter Lisa won a trip to Italy, had a time feasting on ribollita (YUM!!), and hung out at Ponte Vecchio. Prego, prego!!

Belle Ragazze!

Miss Dorty went to Bali to study and fell in love.


Aunnie packed up and said goodbye to everything conventional in her Chicago-based life last year and headed out into the unknown on a journey across China, Southeast Asia, India and beyond...

Free as a bird.

"I had the most beautiful, authentic, challenging experiences of my life and I came back with a clear purpose for what I want to do (work in the developing world). Sometimes you have to give it all up to realize what is really important."

You couldn't have put that any better Aunnie.

The awesome team at Party Earth is sharing some of their own EPL with us (yay for sharing the love!) by offering a friends and family discount on their guide book that has the coolest things to do in Europe. I'm clearly going to be scouring for the flea markets in this puppy :) Click here and use the discount code m78l4 to get 15% off!!

Hmm, is it wrong that I kind of want to stop in Paris and/or Barcelona on my way back home to Los Angeles. Does United make international layovers on domestic flights? I may just have to look into that :)

Giveaway Update!!

EPL prize winners go to Sonja Love and Lisa (emails have been sent!!). Thank you all for the overwhelmingly amazing comments you left. Another giveaway will be up next week when I return!! xx M