Day 264. 101 days and $102 lefttogo.

Now this number was screaming and shouting my name!!! OK, I'm a child of the 80s (loved My Little Pony, obsessed with Alf, and felt "Truly Outrageous" with my lookalike Jem star earrings) and clearly hot pink is my jam. Day 264 - Before

The chiffon attached to this hot pink spandex however, is not my jam. And let's be honest, I mean, "Opposites Attract" was literally my favorite song when it came out, but I'm not really down with looking kind of like Miss Abdul's choice below...


Wait, and there's these too!!

Look at those pads!!

My first step was removing the FAH-BULOUS black sequined/beaded applique that was stitched to the hip.

Taking that applique off!

Took my seam rippers and carefully took it off. Can't wait to use this somewhere else!


Ooh, and those lovely pads above? They're coming off too!!

Shoulder pads are on their way out!

My shoulders didn't need the height, so into the vault of pads they go...

Woo hoo, they're gone!!

I cut the sleeves off...

Short sleeves!

...and took off the black chiffon skirt!!

Bye Chiffon!

Out came the sewing machine to finish up the tweaking! I sewed a seam at the edge of the sleeves and I also took the dress in a few inches on each side.

Stitch City!

I didn't like the way the neck was cut, so I used my seam ripper to loosen it up and make it a little lower.

Unstitching just a little bit!

My piece at the end turned out just like this!!

Day 264 - After

It still had the ruching and baggy draping, but it was without a big, huge piece of black chiffon and a crinoline underneath.

I couldn't help but to pay respect to where this top came from all while having my favorite show ever, Hard Knocks featuring my NY JETS, on in the background.

The leftovers!!!

Now I had leftovers with the above, but I we won't be seeing any leftovers with the below...

Amazetown USA!!!

Thank you Chick-Fil-A for opening a location by my alma mater USC. I mean now...I'm going to be visiting all the time. Yummers!!

Finishing off with Thursday's EPL, this comes from Debby G. and I absolutely love it.

My Eat - Home canned foods from my garden.

My Pray - Living off the land.

My Love - Getting married at 50 to the man of my dreams and living the live we've always wanted.

Adore :)