Day 263. 102 days and $103 lefttogo.

I'm pretty much sweltering right now as my non-air conditioned apartment likes to hold in all of the heat just like a sauna on these hot days. Boy, do I have the vapors!! With that being said, I wanted something flowy and non-constricting to wear to ward off all the sweat driplets that had been accumulating.

Day 263 - Before

Voila!! Slight kimono with some of my favorite colors...yellow, marigold, spring green. I was loving this palette. I wasn't loving the length or the size.

My first step was to make this a little bit shorter. This was key - hot day, short dress, done.

Going short!

After cutting off the length, I took care of the random holes that had formed on a bunch of the seams.

I pinned the holes together and did a little bit of sewing to close 'em up!

Blurry re-seaming!

Now this friends, is my secret cinch trick of the day. I took a bit of thick elastic and safety pinned it inside the dress on one of the torso sides.

Inside cinching!!

I then put the dress on myself, took the edge of hanging elastic, wrapped it around my body and pinned in on the other side at the torso. This fitted elastic acted like a little belt and gathered the dress like a charm.

Day 263 - After

I threw on some boots to take this down a more evening route and then got them wet (but of course) as I stood in grass that had just gotten sprayed with sprinklers. Story of my life. Park on the street by the neighbor's house who has a sprinkler that goes off on Wednesday nights right after a car wash...sign me up. I can't even count on my hands anymore the amount of times this has happened.

I tried to grab a pic in the bathroom at dinner, but it didn't showcase the dress as much as I would have liked.

Bathroom shot!!

I guess that's my auteur shot to close out the day :)

Off to Eat Pray Love inspiration land! Today's comes from one of my most favorite places...Costa Rica.

My gal Luisa sent me this...

"When you asked for us to send our Eat, Pray, Love-esque stories, I thought I'd send mine. I've wanted to learn to speak Spanish fluently and how to Latin dance for a while now, so I decided to take the plunge and move to Costa Rica. I have been here about a month, and I teach 4th grade in a town near San Jose, Costa Rica. I've had tons of chances to learn more Spanish, and dance classes start next week. The area is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the delicious cocktails don't hurt :)".
Latin dancing, teaching kids, yummy cocktails, becoming fluent in Spanish...ooh girl!!! Congratulations on your Speak Dance Drink - embrace your Costa Rican journey and tango the night away!