Day 262. 103 days and $104 left to go.

OK, so today's ensemble is deserving of not just one before shot my friends, but two stellar shots. Let's just jump right in! Day 262 - Before

Lookie here! Sheer sleeves, a ribbed bib type fabric piece on top of the dress...

Day 262 - Before (Part II)

...and ties that hold this bib piece in place!! I mean, I'm sure at some point years and years ago it was a major concern to keep this part of the dress in place but today I'm going to just get rid of it all! This bib is coming off and we're going to see what's underneath!

Before the bib removal, I began by removing the sheer sleeves on the dress. I grabbed my seam ripper and started taking out the stitches holding this material at the arm holes.

Take off that sheer sleeve!!

After some serious thread removal I was now sleeveless!!!

Sheer sleeves are dunzo!!

Next came getting rid of the bib. I began by using the seam rippers again to detach the fabric from the neckline in the front and in the back of the dress.

The beginning of the bib removal...

I was getting there and once it was no longer attached at the neck...

Almost completely removed from the neck!

...I just cut the rest off with my scissors. I left some material at each shoulder where I cut because I had a fun idea to give the dress a little more character.

Final cuts to the bib!!

With the excess fabric, I started cutting out little petal type shapes from the material.

Trimming some pieces of flair!!

I trimmed out a few of these U-shaped bits...

Cutting more petals!

...and ended up with a handful at the end.

Lots o petals

I took my little petals and began pinning them to each shoulder.

Pinned at the shoulders

I pinned little layered rows of three pieces of fabric on both shoulders in the front and in the back.

Before I stitched them down, I made a slit in the neck to create a small V.

Mild cut...

I pinned down my edges...

Pin and Prep!!

...and then got out my sewing machine to tidy it up. I took care of the raw edges around my arm holes, fixed the new neck, and tacked down those petal shapes as well.

I took the straps that were originally meant to keep the apron part together and sewed them together making a little belt to cinch the piece. The final product...

Day 262 - After

I felt like a little garden fairy in this dress and my added bit of shoulder flair was reminiscent of this dress found on ModCloth...

Courtesy of Modcloth...

Despite the different colors, I loved the accent at the shoulders. It just gave the dress a little bit of extra pizzazz :)

It was my little party dress which worked out perfectly because a celebration was to be had!!

Fun with Poladroid!!

Chinese take out was on the agenda with some of my favorite people tonight accompanied by some couch jumping and a little bit of champagne to toast to the home page love that I received on Yahoo today. We got out some of those confetti poppers and had ourselves a little indoor party.

Love those confetti poppers!!

Yay for Yahoo!! Nothing like celebrating with some of the greatest friends in the world!! Thanks for all the amazing comments and love today! I'm a blessed girl and I will get to all your emails...I promise :)

Speaking of greatest friends in the world, today's Eat Pray Love inspiration comes from Miss Chloe and the email she sent about her BFF Allie.

Chloe & Allie!

She let me know how much Allie loved reading about my sewing adventures and would be thrilled if I shot her a quick email. She said that "it would mean the WORLD to her and I want her to be happy." If that's not inspirational, I don't know what is.

These 14 and 15-year-old Cali gals who adore Twilight (I hope it's split Team Jacob and Team Edward so there's no fighting) not to mention elephants (Allie's fave) and The Little Mermaid (Chloe's fave) have been friends for two years and are just "crazy together". Nothing like having friends to share all the quirks, loves, happy moments, frustrations, and good times our lives have to offer.

You girls make me smile :)