Day 261. 104 days and $105 lefttogo.

There is nothing I love more than a great shirt dress!! Day 261 - Before

Except there is one rather large problem with this. There's a huge tear down the front. Can't really get away with wearing this and I'm not prepared to throw jeans on today. A little too hot to be that constricted, so it was time to take this dress to the doctor to get it in tip-top shape!

Aside from the big slit, the bottom of the dress was unfinished and unraveling. There were stitches coming out everywhere but it was neatly ironed which totally assisted in getting it ready to go under the needle!

Unstitched hem

Next step was to pin together the large tear down the front. I began pinning from the waist all the way to the ground to keep it together.

Pinning that big slit!

Post prep work, I got my machine ready for the surgery and began giving stitches to the open wounds.

Cleaning up that big tear!!

With a little rolling up of the sleeves action and the assistance of the belt from Day 139, my shirt dress was out of the hospital!

Day 261 - After

It was super reminiscent of this lovely $49.99 number from the fabulous Land's End catalog.

Courtesy of Land's End

For some reason, these dresses remind me of being abroad so I couldn't resist a little bit of vino and a chocolate croissant.

Vino et croissant!!

Hello Europe!! And then these gentlemen in this very nice convertible sped by...

Just like Italy...

A little taste of Italy at home in West Hollywood...

On with the Eat Pray Love inspiration for the week!! I got this amazing email from Misty - aah, the beauty of pregnancy, children, and family...

"Ihave never been more inspired than when I was growing a life inside of me. The wonders of pregnancy are amazing!

Chic-est mama-to-be around!!

As is the first time you get to meet your little one. and watching your children bond and love each other. My babies inspire me every day. They inspire me to enjoy the little things. Just last night my four year old was in awe of a cicada crawling on his arm. When it crawled up his neck and sent him into fits of giggles, I had to laugh too. My children have helped to see the world in an entirely different way!"

I mean...doesn't get more precious than this!!

Thanks for sharing your blessings Misty!!

Keep the notes of inspiration coming my way! Will continue posting all week :)