Day 256. 109 days and $110 left togo.

Sleek and dressy is where I'm headed today as I'm still trying to maintain the chic-ness from yesterday's gold brocade number. No gold, but jade and ivory, here I come! Day 256 - Before

I loved the color blend most on this puppy. This shade of green is my favorite. However right now, the dress the wrong length for me, has too long of sleeves (I mean, it is August) and is just frumpsters. I have some quick and easy steps to transform this into that chic-ness I described above.

First thing I did was cut the sleeves!! I took my scissors and went from wrist length up to my elbows!!

From long sleeve to short!

Not I wasn't completely in love with the length, but this put me over the edge...

Spotty McGee!

GROSS, DISCOLORED, SPOT!! I'm not on board with this at all, so the quick and easy fix is to just cut it off.

Trim and adios to the spot action!

Next step was pinning the raw edges down on my sleeves to give them fresh seams.

Sleeve prep!

A little stitching at the edges and I was almost there.

Sew time!

It was a little big around the elastic waist, so instead of sewing it to fit me, I went with a little safety pin to assist in cinching. Totally hidden in the back, it did just the trick to keep it fitted against the bod.

Day 256 - After

Classy and totally bringing the chic-ness!! I paired it with some fun T strap heels (a little BCBG heel action from a few years back) and a fun faux braided rose gold bracelet to complete the look.

From the bottom down!

Totally loving this look and loving that it only took a few short steps to complete!!