Day 257. 108 days and $109 left togo.

One word...beads!!! Day 257 - Before

As I'm obsessed with pretty much anything that sparkles...beads, glitter, stars, My Little Pony...

MLP, how I heart thee...

...this dress was right up my alley because it was covered in red, green, blue and gold glass seed beads.

Before I could legitimately rock this, I had to clip the sleeves.

Getting rid of the sleeves!!

It was way too big (and a tad too hot out) so this was an easy first step to work out.

One down, one to go!

After trimming both sleeves, I was ready to take this puppy in!!

They're off!!

I took in about five inches on both sides and began to prep my sleeves for sewing.

Sleeveless time!!

A little pinning on the sleeves and I was ready to stitch down.

Sew Time!

Got the sleeves done and tightened up the body. I left the skirt a bit larger because I had a fun tool to use to cinch.

My after...

Day 257 - After

Sleeveless, fitted and fabulous! I made my sleeves a bit larger and wore my favorite black trimmed bra (I loved the peekage!!) underneath.

And the cinching I mentioned was done with the assistance of one of my FAVE vintage pins.

Cinchy, cinchy!!

This red resin and silver blend is one of my favorites and I was so excited that A, it matched and B, I could use it today!

Pin Close Up!

Got to hang with some awesome girls including... westside gal AT.

Love AT! fave sisters C & A.

Heart my girls CV & AV

...and the beyond fab TH of your daily thread and gorge green LA girl SJ.


Summer dress success!

PS...Fishy winners will be announced tomorrow with the additional announcement of another giveaway!! Woo hoo!! I want you all to win something, so we're going to have to keep these a-comin! xx M