Day 255. 110 days and $111 left togo.

So I guess I should have saved my United flight attendant dress from Day 250 to wear today, eh? Note to self, make sure that the seat back is always in the full and upright position before landing and don't dare to unbuckle the seat belt before we're at the gates! I got a little gussied up today with my dress of choice. Gold, glam, gorge is where I'm headed!

Day 255 - Before

My favorite part of the dress was the gorgeous beaded and rhinestoned collar. I absolutely loved it. The only ish was that it wasn't sitting flat and was flappin' all over the place.


After my upside down test, I felt it would be a good idea to keep it close to my bod. (I didn't want anything loose in the aisles!)

Hand stitchin that collar down!

I grabbed a needle, got some white thread and began to stitch.

After my collar was done, the hiking up process came next!

Hello soon-to-be cocktail dress!

A little trim here, a little pinning there...

New hem here we come!

...and my dress was almost complete! I sewed down my raw edges, took in the bust just a smidge...

New hem and tightened bust? Woo hoo!

...and then trimmed off a little piece to wrap around my waist.

Quick trim for a matching belt!

My gold brocade dress was ready for the public!

Day 255 - After

What I loved most was that my puppy was reminiscent of a certain Blair Waldorf ensemble featured in last season's Gossip Girl premiere.


The only difference, well scratch that, there are two differences. The first difference...I'm without a Chuck Bass on my arm. The second dress is not Burberry and did not cost over $1500!!

Blair's Burberry Belted Brocade

I mean, I have to say that they're both super chic, but now I have a little more room on my Amex for some Tuesday night cocktails.


Spotted, M going solo without S and B downtown drinking scotch under the dim lighting of the Varnish. "Prohibition never stood a chance against exhibition. It's human nature to be free. And no matter how long you try to be good, you can't keep a bad girl down."

You know you love me. xoxo Gossip Girl