Day 254. 111 days and $112 left togo.

So today's piece begins with my dad donning the dress that I will be wearing by the end of the post. He and my cousin TP (who wore the Hawaiian muumuu from Day 241) thought it would be funny to do my before shots, and in this case I didn't even do one myself. Families rule, don't they? Day 254 - Before

So this piece had a kimono-esque quality to it. A little V neck, some drapey/hanging fabric down the sides (which I loved) however it was really too large and too long. Fits my dad, but it's a little more problematic on me :)

My first step was cutting this puppy up!

Trim Town!

I trimmed the bottom of the piece and cut an extra little bit off to use as a belt!

And a little extra bit to wrap around my waist!

I stitched a new hem at the bottom and I was getting closer.

Stitching outside!

Instead of taking it in and losing the drapey feel on the sides of the dress, I took my little sash and put it through a little slit that was cut at my waist on my right side.

Sash through one opening

I brought it around and did the same thing on the left side bringing the sash around to the back. A little cinching of the fabric and tying a bow and we were golden! (or turquoisey, rather!)

Sash through the other opening

The final look ready for the runway went a little something like this.

Day 254 - After

I loved the even more kimono-ish route this was going. It was flowy and comfortable and I even threw my hair up in chopsticks after a quick bite of a salmon roll at lunch. (I used the extra pair that wasn't wasabi and soy sauce soaked.)

„Åì„Çì„Å´„Å°„ÅØ (Hello in Japanese!)

My pic in front of the hanging Bougainvillea plant A, matched my dress and B, felt like my own little Japanese garden. The most zen way to kick off the week!!