Day 253. 112 days and $113 left to go.

Happy Sunday!! Warm day equals sundress covered in flowers if you ask me. Day 253 - Before

I thought this would be perfect for a little afternoon lunching, but after a few very easy steps. Didn't want to be behind the sewing machine too long today :)

I wanted to go short, so I cut about 10 inches off the bottom of the dress.

Shortening up!

I pinned and prepped the new bottom of the dress and then got out the sewing machine to put it in place.

New hem!

Now there were some belt holes on the dress that I opted to keep on after cutting a strip of fabric off of the excess to use as a belt. There was one main loop in the front of the dress that I ended up tying the two belt ends around before putting making it into a little bow.

Bow Tie!

My luncheon attire...

Day 253 - After

I feel very Charlotte right now. A little conservative, a little floraly, a little NYC summery...


Perfect for my Sunday!

Sunshine Day!