Day 252. 113 days and $114 left togo.

I am totally loving this nightgown that I found at my local pile sale for a buck. The floral pattern was lovely and I'm totally into purple! The funny thing is is that someone actually wore this to sleep at one time. I never really got the ruffle action on these bad boys and why that made something you would sleep in more comfortable. Day 252 - Before

I think it may have been created directly from this McCall's pattern...

I remember a nightgown I had when I was a kid that had ruffles, lace at the neck, elastic at the wrist (that always dug in, like when you wear a ponytail holder too long) and ribbons...not really the most comfortable thing and I always remember it being so tight at the neck. I'm good with a cozy cami and some yoga pants to head off to dreamland.

Even though I'm not wearing this to sleep, I'm still going to get rid of those ruffles.

Going short!

I wanted to get away from the nightgown note, so I began by taking my seam rippers and unstitching the ribbon and rose trim that was sewed down at the top of it.

Later rosy trim!

After getting rid of all that trim...

Trim be gone!!

...I prepped the new hem at the bottom of my new dress.

Hem time!

After a little sewing, unbuttoning of a few of the buttons, throwing on a purple cami (which perhaps I may even fall asleep in) and my wedges, my dress was ready for the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

Day 252 - After

Specifically a trip to Würstkuche for the below.

Sausage Heaven!

Beers, check. Sausages from every kind of animal, check. (Seriously, there is even rattlesnake.) Heaven, check. I nearly passed out waiting in the line that went around the corner just in anticipation.

There was a lot of sharing going on...

Light emanating from the glorious sausage!!

...and my fave was the Alligator & Pork (yep, I said gator) that came with some caramelized onions and sweet peppers. The only thing alligator-esque I've ever eaten were these puppies...

Mmm, Chocodiles! my first real foray into the gator world was amazing. And just in case you don't believe me, check it out!!


Cannot wait for a return trip...I think I may have to throw my birthday party here :)