Day 251. 114 days and $115 left togo.

I felt it a bit appropriate to revisit this number from Day 190... Day 251 - Before! celebrate the conclusion of SHARK WEEK on Discovery!!

Shark Week!!

I don't know about you, but I'm hooked. Obsessed, if you will. I always get excited right around this time each August as I am glued to my TV. Clearly I didn't have an issue with Jaws growing up. Sharks don't scare me. Clowns, however give me the heebie jeebies. Luckily Discovery doesn't document this phenomenon.

I know so many of you were on the "Save the Fishes" bandwagon, so I had to listen. This is what I was l was left with after Day 190 if you recall...

Leftover Fishies!

My first step today was cutting each little fish off of this leftover fabric.

Trimmed Fishies!

Then I got really detailed and trimmed off all the fabric that was around the fish. Because the fish were embroidered on, I was able to trim right up next to the thread.

Stay in the lines!

For today's project, I bought a little bit of chain from my favorite craft store around the corner because we're making an accessory for the neck with the leftovers!!


I took one end of the fish and pulled it through the lowest link on the chain.

Hook, line & sinker!

Grabbed some matching thread...

Lakers colors!

...and began to hand stitch the chain to the fish one side at a time.

Almost there!

A super fun (and easy!) way to make these fishies work for me. In the end, it came out looking a little bit like this...

Day 251 - After

The perfect little addition and pop of color to my comfy Alternative Apparel T and jeans.

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!!)

I got to enjoy the evening with some pals as we watched Rent (directed by my fave Neil Patrick Harris)...

Five Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes! the very cool Los Angeles air.


No, seriously, it was freezing out tonight and I kept questioning whether it was really August or not. Cold hands, drippy nose, multiple sweatshirts? Kind of ridiculous.


I almost went there and bought one of these bacon wrapped puppies just to stay warm.

Tijuana Dogs!

I stayed strong (and cold) and just hustled up a bit more to get the blood flowing as I walked to my car. I knew I'd regret it later if I indulged!

TGIF! Happy weekend friends :)

Yay for Shark Week!! To celebrate the conclusion, I've put together a little giveaway complete with some awesome H2O Plus goodies (Sea Marine body butter & sugar scrub and a Sea Clear facial kit), some John Frieda Zero Frizz serum (because you know what the beach and ocean water does to our tresses) along with a fish necklace of your own. The products will be split up into two little sea packages, so there will be two lucky winners this go! Let's find Nemo!

Win Me!!

Leave a comment below and I'll pick a winner via on Wednesday, 8/11!! I don't discriminate, so no matter where you are (US or Siberia) I'll send it out your way.