Day 250. 115 days and $115 left togo.

Now this dress was totally screaming out words like vacation, holiday, tropical (seriously - the dress was extremely vocal...) when I found it. It was a little too big, but it had a key ingredient that made me a very happy camper. Pockets!! Not just one like I've been seeing in all my muumuu finds, but two! Two legitimate pockets that I can put each of my hands into. The little things make me happy... Day 250 - Before

Anyway, the lovely dress that wants to take a trip somewhere actually surprised me when I took a look at the label.

I'm totally a fan of the celebrity designer collaborations like Zac Posen for Target, Kate Moss for Topshop, Jimmy Choo for H&M, but this one really tickled my fancy...

Heart Stan Herman!

Um, what?! Celebrity designer collaborations for an airline?? Simply amazing. I mean the outfits of the flight attendants back in the 50s would have made me want to be a part of the skies.


This one that I got my hands on and in (thank you pockets that probably held packs of peanuts back in the day) was going to be my personal "pretend I'm in Hawaii" dress solely because it probably spent some time over the Pacific.

Now I'm not going to wear this puppy as is, so there may be a little turbulence as we go through these rough patches before we land safely :)

As the dress was a bit too big I was figuring out my options on how to take it in best. Instead of sewing I decided to grab two safety pins and clasp a bit of the area by my collarbone - this not only opened the top of the dress up a bit more, it made it completely fit my chestal area!! Woo hoo for that!

Such a cinch!!

With my new neckline my next step was shortening the dress up.

It's getting there...

I don't ever recall long dresses on flight attendants, but I'm sure these gals were rocking the length while wearing flowers in their hair or leis around their neck as they rolled down the United aisles.

My choice is hiking it up just a bit. I want some above-the-knee action tonight!

Trim time!

Post trim, I pinned down the dress and prepped the bottom of it for a new hem.

Long to Short!

After getting my sewing machine out to fix the raw edges, my dress landed safely.

Tying up loose ends!

Out to celebrate DR's birthday, I quickly snagged my after pic in the bathroom of one of my favorite LA spots, the Roger Room.

Day 250 - After

The pockets held my lip gloss and pack of Orbitz gum quite well as they were über deep!! Those flight attendants were carrying more than just peanuts in those puppies if you ask me...

The new (and easy!) neckline made the dress fitted and chic. I threw on a pair of ankle boots and a long tan cardi. I know, I know, it's August, but LA gets chilly at night!! I long for those blistery warm summer nights...sigh.

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!)

Moscow Mules were had and smiles were traded making it the perfect way to welcome the soon-to-be weekend!

On my walk back to my car, I tried taking a few one armers to see a smidge of my sweater. Totally modeling (I mean really, intense face I'm working right now? Too much America's Next Top Model, clearly!) on the sidewalk at 11:30 in the evening, I ran into a few dog walkers who must have thought I was crazy.

One Armed Shot!!

It's cool - just pretending to be a tourist in my vaca dress. And when on vacation, pics are allowed whenever wherever!!