Day 249. 116 days and $116 left togo.

OK, we're looking like a straight up Pioneer Woman today. Not like the chic Ree Drummond, but the "I'm ready to go panning looking for gold, ya hear" type of broad. Not really feeling it, so we're going to leave the Gold Rush and cruise control our way into the new millenium, aka 2010!! Day 249 - Before

I highly dislike a lot of what's going on here. Big part of the dislike is the white trim on both the collar and looks like I'm just going to have to get rid of both!

Collar, buh bye!

Got the seam rippers out and took off the collar.

Collar, buh bye!

I'll hold onto those if I decide to go the pilgrim route this Halloween like I did when I was four. (My mom made my pilgrim costume back in nursery school...everyone else got to be princesses and I was a pilgrim. At the time I was less than thrilled, but looking back, my mom rules for creating one of the best costumes ever. Will have to scan that at some point to show...)

Now to the white cuffs. Instead of seam ripping, I just cut the whole thing off!

Sleeves, buh bye!

Next came the pair of shoulder pads - this top will not be needing them any longer, so I snipped them out and added them to my collection!

Pads, buh bye!

I did use my seam ripper to take off the sashes that were originally found underneath the collar. I'm holding onto them for just a bit as they'll be returning really soon!

Sashes, buh bye!

I next took my scissors and trimmed the seams at the shoulders to create two separate pieces.

Cut the top at the shoulders! Two pieces!!

I folded one side under and then got to the other side...

Folding under time!

...and pinned it into place. My new dress top is progressing!!

Let's get pinned!

Now, those sashes I put to the side earlier, it's time to bring them back! They're just not going to come back as traditional sashes anymore but straps for my new dress!!

New straps!

I pinned my straps into place on the front of the dress (no stitching on the back as we're going to make this halter-ish!) and then got to stitching down all the rest of my pinned areas on the dress.


And the outcome??

Day 249 - After

Brand new, fab, non-collared, non-pioneery dress that is totally working for summer. I don't look like I belong next to Yosemite Sam anymore!

When I say Woah!!

Ooh, and the back?

From the back!

I love the little halter-esque action we've got going on. The two sashes are the perfect length for tying into a bow. Dainty and comfortable. Two of my fave qualities!