Day 248. 117 days and $117 left togo.

I completely feel like a doll in this dress. I totally had a Precious Moments doll (remember the ones with the plastic pink lockets that had quotes and words of wisdom in them?) that looked just like I do in that picture. She even had her own metal stand. Day 248 - Before

She wasn't this one in particular, but you catch my drift.

She's my sister

I felt like I should be in box with a plastic window with those wire twist ties keeping my limbs in place, just like that doll. Because I'm not in the age four to seven bracket anymore (and not in Toy Story 3 either), this just isn't going to cut it.

The first plan of attack was getting rid of those sleeves. No more puffy action!!

No mo sleeves!!

I took my seam ripper and got rid of both of them. To make sure the arms weren't going to unravel, I pinned the raw edges down and prepped them for some sewing.

Pin under sleeves!

I also cut the length because I wasn't into the ruffle layer at the bottom. I trimmed it so it would hit me a little above knee level.

After prepping my new hem, I threaded my needle with some pink thread and got to work!

Stitchy stitchy!

With my sleeveless, short dress and the addition of my vintage eBay tassel necklace and gold sandals I had my Tuesday ensemble.

Day 248 - After

It fit my waist perfectly and I loved the bounce that it had now that it was short. I'm not gonna lie...I definitely had to hold onto the skirt's edges a few times as I walked down some busy LA streets with oodles of traffic. Just had to prepare in case there were any big wind gusts as I walked past to grab some froyo. Wasn't feeling enough like Marilyn Monroe today to make this work.

I found a little bit of time to soak my feet after the sun totally set.

Splish Splash!

Before that however, I had to catch a pic of the ridiculously gorgeous sunset. The pinks and oranges were stunning.


If I only had a photog following me around. Good thing I have long arms. Signing off, Stretch Armstrong.

PS - Had to share the love I got from Time Magazine today :)

Icing on the Squiggle cupcake from Crumbs I will be eating tomorrow in celebration.