Day 247. 118 days and $118 left togo.

That's one big, ole nightgowny/dress deal I'm rocking right now. There's a little bit of quilted material on the chest and on the cuffs along with some black strings to cinch a bit. The bold colors were fun and even those biggish scattered flowers were a-ok in my book. I loved this fun fabric and was looking forward to making it chic. Day 247 - Before

It's summer, so I'm hiking it up. Plus I really want to wear my black wedges and they work way better with short pieces, if you ask me...

Shortening it up!!

The next step was turning the puppy around!! It's backwards day, so the old front is the new back and the old back looks like this.

The back of the dress...

How nice that there are button clasps, however this is definitely not meant to be hidden. I'm going to go with unbuttoning the piece and creating a natural V neck. gonna be my new front!!

A little pinning and the new front of my dress is ready for the sewing machine.

Pin it!

Before we thread the needle, I did a quick pin of the bottom of the dress to give it a new hem.

Hem time!

After stitching everything up, my fab dress was ready for Monday with the addition of a red tank underneath and those black wedges (a lovely Michael Kors pair snagged from ebay last year).

Day 247 - After

Turning the dress around and playing with the neck was just the thing to lighten this piece up. I mean, this looks way better from the back, don't you think?

The OG front being worn from behind!

The fabric totally reminded me of artist Piet Mondrian and the use of primary colors in his work in between black edges.

Piet Mondrian!

This dress was like the wearable version of it. I loved the pattern...


...but I really loved the pockets even more!!