Day 246. 119 days and $119 left togo.

On today's agenda was another trip to the Hollywood Bowl. It's literally my second home this summer. There's a little opera to be listened to and in preparation, a summer dress is my staple. This one wouldn't stay up and had a lot of dangling lace happening.

Day 246 - Before

I just had to begin by taking off the lace/fuchsia fabric that was hanging off the top of the dress. Grabbed some seam rippers and got to work!

Taking off the lace!

This is what it looked like without all that excess material.

Sans lace!!

It's not fully gone as of yet...we'll be revisiting soon!

Zee leftovers!

I prepped the top of the dress by pinning down the raw edges.

Adjustment time!

I then repinned down a little bit of the lace. I wanted the lace to be fitted around the top of the dress and used as more of an accent, not as the sleeves as it was in the beginning. I pinned some of the excess that was taken off before around the entire top of the piece.

Readding trim!

A little pinning of the bodice as well to tighten up and then the sewing machine finished the job.

Sew time!

My new summer dress was ready for an eve at the Bowl...

The Bowl!

Wünderkind Venezuelan LA Phil conductor Gustavo Dudamel was running the show tonight as Carmen was on the calendar. Before we headed to our seats, we began with a little picnic action at the adjacent park.

Day 246 - After

Turkey sammies, check. Stories about the HS hijinks we all got into, check. Plastic wine glasses, check.

Vino picnic team!

Thanks to social chair TT for handling the beverage containers as we started off the night with these...


After a little bit of nibbling and catching up, we headed to our seats.

We ended up claiming an entire row to lay out our snacks and beverages...

Team Row H!

...just in time for the sun to go down and the show to begin.

I love when it's lit in white!!

I couldn't take my eyes off of how charismatic Dudamel was the entire evening. His wildly curly hair flailing in the wind was a separate show of its' own.

The Dude

Just a wonderfully relaxing way to close out the weekend.

And scene!

Can't get "Habanera" out of my head...the music is so GOOD!!

Hope everyone had magically lovely weekends!