Day 245. 120 days and $120 left togo.

Before we start, I'm going to actually go there and say that this may be my crowning moment so far. You'll have to let me know your thoughts though... Today's special?

Day 245 - Before

I mean, are you kidding me?! I look like I'm straight outta the cast of Dynasty just sans the big, teased hair and the blue eyeshadow.

Insert my head above Linda Evans!

The dress was killer and I was obsessed with the beading. But, check it out a little closer up...

Day 245 - Close up beadwork!

It was unraveling, falling off and pretty disheveled but I was confident I was going to figure it out. Sewing the beads back on, yeah, that wasn't going to happen, so I went to plan B.


Hot glue in the summertime!

I began gluing down all the bits that had come undone. Most of the beading was still there, albeit hanging off by the strands, but I had some goods to work with. By the end of my hot glue fest, it was looking pretty stellar! I'm still pulling off those leftover hot glue stringy strands (for those of you hot gluers, you know what I'm talking about!).

All finished!

Now that the beading was on track, I had to handle the rest of the piece. I was playing around with the dress, seeing how it would look wearing the back in front and if I were to deepen the neck, but nothing was really clicking. Nothing until I thought about turning the dress upside down. As soon as I did that, the wheels started turning and the vision of my new top was narrowing down.

I took my scissors and started cutting. I cut a straight line right below the arms.

Cutting the top of the dress off!

The leftover sleeve part included these ridiculously large shoulder pads that were seriously the size of my face. They could be throw pillows, that's how big these were!!

I mean...

The next step was taking the long drapey bit of fabric that hung from below the beading (check out the before pic for a refresher) and pinning it to the back of the piece, as this was going to become a strap. The solo strap, if you will, of my new top.

Pinning the drapey fabric into a sleeve!

After the strap pinning, I also pinned the areas that I needed to take in. A bit from the back (to cinch around the waist) as well from my chestal area to keep the boobs in place.

More pins=more cinch!

Now that pins were in place, the sewing machine was turned on and everything got fixed!!

Sew time!

It was beginning to get there...things were getting fitted from their original slouched and ruched state and I was almost ready to put the piece on!

Almost done!

The perfect top to wear to celebrate RS's birthday!

Day 245 - After

Literally OMG. I still can't believe how awesome this turned out!! I paired it with some jeans (however with some opaque tights and some bike shorts for discretion, this could be a fun mini!)

Day 245 - After (From the back!)

You can see the strap I sewed into place as well as the bit of cinching that I made at the waist and then the new seam up the back for tightening purposes.

To start off the birthday celebration, JS, JS, myself, and LS grabbed a few glasses of wine (Menage √° Trois vineyard in Napa) and caught up while the fire pit was roaring on the patio.

Group shot!

JS created the sickest birthday cake for the night - top layer Cocoa Krispies, mint chocolate chip ice cream beneath that, followed by a layer of fudge, on top of more ice cream and another Cocoa Krispie layer at the bottom. I have the ultimate sweet tooth (no joke, I had a dinner of Skittles and Baked Lays on Tuesday night due to a late, late lunch) so you could imagine my excitement when I saw this glorious concoction.


I nearly passed out.

It tastes so good when it hits your lips!

And no matter how far from your early 20s you are, these never get old.

Jell-o Shots!!

I was told that my top looked like a figure skating outfit, so clearly I had to channel my inner Johnny Weir in the kitch. There was spillage on the floor, so my turns were actually rather good. Judges scored a solid 5.65.

Pre-triple axel!

We enjoyed some shenanigans including keg stands (not me, I acted as documentarian and took the photographic evidence shots) and vocal renditions of Hall and Oates' "I Can't Go For That," as we looked off into the lights of the city from the deck.

Winding down the evening on the patio overlooking the city...

Rockin' party, rockin' outfit, rockin' friends. Best kind of Saturday night if you ask me!