Day 244. 121 days and $121 lefttogo.

Hello vest from the 80s!! I had a tablecloth that looked a lot like this vest that sat over my three-legged nightstand when I was growing up. It's classic, so when I found it at a garage sale I knew I was going to bring it back to life! Day 243 - Before

But wait, there's more...

Day 243 - Before (from the back!!)

Now, the first thing that I did was get rid of those long, hanging straps. I took my seam ripper and detached them before I tossed this into a vat of RIT dye on my stove top. (I used a little bit of aubergine for this go and when I took it out it looked a little like this.

Adding some beadwork!!

Without leaving it just this shade of purple, I took it a little further. I decided to embellish the piece just a tad! Out came my bead collection and I added some brown glass beads into the middle of each of the embroidered flowers on the vest.

Newly Beaded!!

When my handy stitching was complete, I threw on a khaki-ish tank top, a vintage brass and fuchsia beaded necklace, and some jeans and my outfit was complete for the 80 degree day.

Day 243 - After

It was a pretty little accent piece that was easy to put on and gave a little bit of flair to an ordinary piece that looked like this in the beginning.


No bueno!! My version came out looking a little more boho and I loved when the sun picked up the shiny beadwork too. Gave it an extra bit of glam on this Friday!


TGIF! Happy weekend friends :)