Day 243. 122 days and $122 lefttogo.

We're back to an even amount of days and dollars!! Remember this dress from Day 186?? Day 242 - Before

That was crafted into this??

Day 186 - After

Well, I'm working with the skirt leftover today which first and foremost, doesn't cost a dime (woo hoo!) and is going to get a little makeover perfect for cooking club tonight!

My first step was folding the skirt so the ruffle area that was at the bottom is now in the middle.

Folding action!!

I then pinned this down and sewed it into place.

Pinning in place!

We're going with a quick apron today (thanks DL for the request!!) and this new ruffle is going to hit me right at my knees.

I then cut the sides off and got the amount of fabric that would be covering my legs just right. I'm using a little bit of flour today and I can't wait to actually rub it off onto my new apron!!

Edge trimming!!

I trimmed, then folded down the raw edging, and added some sashes (extra fabric!) that I would be pulling to the back and tying to keep it in place.

Pin time!

Now it was round two for sewing and I stitched down my edges and my new sashes - almost ready for cook time!

 Almost there!

I grabbed some vino and spanakopita and brought it to the Mediterranean covered table.

Day 242 - After

That was our theme, so we had delish orzo and feta, spinach and pine nuts with raisins and amazing homemade tzatziki to go with some baked falafel pockets.

Yum Spread!

We were reminiscing that we just hit our year mark of monthly cooking nights which called for a little wine glass clinking as we cheersed each other and got grubbing!

Suzie Homemaker!

This was the take two shot - it looked a little more like the commercial version of my after shot... "Hey, Mamma Mia, I work at an Italian restaurant as I wear my gingham top from Day 115 to pour some vino into your glass. Ciao Bella!" (Clearly in my head I'm saying this in an Italian accent.) Couldn't resist adding it it's a little closer up on my apron. I cannot wait to use it at the next cooking night which we decided will be Southern themed. I'll be asking for fave recipes as we get closer...