Day 242. 123 days and $122 left togo.

I got my hands on a good one today friends!! Totally early 90s...floral print, frillsters collar, those glorious sashes to tie in the back. Loved it! Day 242 - Before

You know what else I loved? The entire top of the dress that was without any of the five buttons that should have been on it still!

Buttonless Joe!

We'll be taking care of the button ish in a few.

First, we're gonna get rid of that collar!! I took my seam ripper and started de-threading

Clipping that collar!

A closer up shot shows the lovely stain detail on the collar that I didn't even notice until now. Classy!!

Ring arounds the collar no more!

Now it's button time! I grabbed five of the same octagon buttons with a little brown stone in the center that I had in my Ziploc freezer bag full of button goodness! I pinned each button in place of where I was going to hand sew.

I found buttons!!!

Little by little I got each of the five buttons secured! Woo hoo - didn't want to be Flash Gordon today :) (Terrible, terrible pun...apologies!)

Hand Stitcharoo!!

It looks like they came with the dress!

I gots me some buttons!!

Ooh, and with this dress came some pads that I snipped out next.

Shouldah pads

Before I get to stitching on the sewing machine, the sleeves had to get removed. We're going sleeveless, baby!

Later sleeves!

Ooh, and look at that hole on the waist - we're tackling that as well as folding down a little of the neckline to make a slight V. ÔªøÔªøÔªø Sewing machine, here I come!!

Holy Moly!!

After the sewing, I tied the sashes together and cinched the straps with some safety pins because after I tried it on, I wasn't completely thrilled and wanted to give it a little more flavor. Wanna see the outcome??

Day 242 - After

Totally, utterly heart this dress!! I took the sashes and tied them into the back and my summer dress was cookin!! Literally I got to cooking in my kitch.

ECU! (Extreme Close Up!!)

What I loved is that my dress has a similar look to this lovely one I found on Modcloth.

Modcloth's Gorge Version!!

Cooking club is tomorrow night, so I had to cut some onions, mince some garlic and clean some house! Mediterranean theme here I come!

Cooking Club Prep!!

I'm already pretending I'm in Greece.

My "Marisa on her vacation" look!

I will be dreaming of feta and hummus tonight in anticipation!