Day 236. 129 days and $128 left togo.

Hmm, what a pretty floral dress that could have been in my closet in 1989 as an eight year old child going on thirteen. I totally owned dresses like this when I was a lass. I'll have to look up some pics to show you and hands down laughs will be had by all!! Day 236 - Before

Aside from the collar issue, there was a missing button on the waist of the dress. Slight problem with that, as this button was the one that was really keeping the right side of the dress attached. Had to do something...


I went to my Ziploc freezer bag full of buttons and found one that looked the same and was around the same size!! I threaded a needle and began to attach the new black button to the dress.

New Button!

Once the button was attached I took off those sleeves...

Sleeve chopping!

...and pinned under that collar. Not feeling the collar at all today, so we're just going to hide it instead of completely cutting it off.

Pin that collar!

And I couldn't leave the pocket on the dress still...

Pocket Square! I took my seam ripper and removed it. Once everything got taken off and pinned, I went to my sewing machine to tie up all the loose and unraveled ends :)

Closing up shop!

My dress ended up like this and it took me from 8am to 8pm. After 8pm, we did a little transformation...

Day 236 - After

It was a concert night for me, so I made a quick and easy change to bring it into the night. I tucked it into some jeans and I had a fab new shirt!!

Got invited to see the Barenaked Ladies at the Greek with some fab comped tix (thanks IH!!). I wouldn't classify myself as a big fan, but I can say that the BNL remind me of my college years just like "Semi Charmed Life" by Third Eye Blind, "I Don't Wanna Wait" by Paula Cole (Hello Dawson's Creek theme song) and classic one hit wonder "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba. "I get knocked down, then I get up again..."

Oh the I loved thee :)

We drove up to one of my favorite venues in LA...the Greek Theater.

Get me to the Greek!

I fortunately didn't need any coaxing like he did...

Run Jonah & Russell, Run!!

I got to the Greek just fine :) Gratis tix, gratis coffee with our VIP wristbands (I needed a caffeine boost for the late night blogging hours), and nobody sitting in the row in front of me so I could kick and tap it as much as I wanted...perfection!

Sigh for the cool and crisp LA eves...

Happy almost weekend!!