Day 237. 128 days and $127 left togo.

So the green dress today was completely inspired by my evening plans...l was heading back to the Hollywood Bowl for some Planet Earth Live! action. The LA Philharmonic was playing along with one of my FAVE Discovery Channel shows and I wanted to get as green as possible to celebrate the planet! Day 237 - Before

Oh, and I did. This large green puppy had a little too much length and these long sleeves are not conducive to summer weather at all. I got to some changin...

Cinch & Pin!

I didn't like the neckline, so I turned the dress inside out and pinched the area at the bottom of the V shape. I took a safety pin and pinned it in place!


Boob Ruching!!

Next thing I did was trim the sleeves short. Didn't want to sweat buckets, so I cut them in half.


After the sleeves went short, so did the length. I cut off about a foot and a half of fabric as I wanted to keep it right around the knees.

Soon-to-be Short!

After my adjustments, I suited up the machine with a lovely pale green shade of thread, stitched down the sleeves, and gave it a new hem.

Edge Sewing!!

My dress was complete and I was channeling my inner Norma Desmond.

I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeMille.

Well, here's the true close up...

Close Up!

I even took some extra fabric, tied it into a little bow and pinned it to the cinched area on my chest! We watched clips of Planet Earth (that snow leopard episode was amazing!) and in true Bowl tradition, we had some cocktailing to accompany.

Before I knew it, the next part of my eve gave me a little shower. A champagne shower, to be exact. As I went to open a bottle of champagne that I schlepped for a mile to create mimosas with some freshly squeezed OJ (yay for orange trees in Los Angeles backyards!), there was an explosion!! Didn't realize how powerful my hike up the hill was! Before I knew it, the most amazing pop was heard, the cork was airborne, and the bottle was foaming everywhere. My sweatshirt, meant to keep me warm, was not working any longer.

Champagne Explosion!!

Despite being soaked, there was still a bit of champagne in the bottle that didn't spray out. (PS, apologies to the person who may have gotten corked when it flew into the air.)

We put it to good use - polished it off and opened a new bottle.

There's about half the bottle left...

I had a second shot of redemption, but that soon got kicked to the curb. Explosion number two arrived and even though it didn't pack as big or a punch or pop as loud, I was still soaked with alcohol. Love that my hair was even dripping! Don't worry, we drank everything down to the last sip.

TGIF! Happy weekend friends :)