Day 235. 130 days and $129 left togo.

"Summer, summer, summertime...time to sit back and unwind." That is exactly the mood I'm in today, so I'm going for something to wear out in the sun. Wait scratch that, I'm going for something to wear as I enjoy looking at the sun from my office window :)

Day 235 - Before

Flower power!! This is one baggy bouquet of roses! We're going to make them perk up with my own version of Miracle Grow, i.e. scissors and a sewing machine!

I just had to get rid of those sleeves (which I flat-out cut off) and then snipped the tops of the leftover straps, which was going to assist in heading down the strapless road.

Cut them straps!!

I folded under the raw edging and pinned the fabric down.

Pin that raw edge!!

...and then stitched away. I gave the top of my dress a brand new seam (so nice and so clean, clean!), but it was still large, so I had to take it in from the sides as well. I brought it in about three or so inches, but had to make sure that it fit me around my chest as I couldn't have any slippage.

Stitchy Time!!!

It took me a few tries to get it exactly to the perfectly fitted spot, but I succeeded! I paired the dress with a strapless bra, my vintage bamboo belt and some braided sandals and summertime arrived!

I grabbed myself a burrito bowl at Chipotle for dinner, and snagged myself a picture in the parking lot, courtesy of the very kind girl who parked next to me.

Day 235 - After

I realized I didn't have a photog set for the day, so I charmingly asked another chips and guac fan to do the honors.

When I got home I set my camera on a timer to shoot a close up :)

Close Up!!

I think I did Will Smith's anthem well.