Day 234. 131 days and $130 left togo.

Let's just start off that this shade of green is my favorite!! Hello emerald day dress! Day 234 - Before

The only other thing that would have made this day perfect was if I found this version of the same shade in my thrifting travels.

Emerald, I presume...

Unfortch this Cartier gem is six figures which happens to be out of the little budge that I'm working with, but that can't stop me from having a paper copy gleam prettily at me from my inspiration board :)

So, back to the emerald that is in my reach...this puppy is gonna fit me at the end of the day.

First thing I did was pin the emerald top and white skirt in the spots where they needed to be brought in.

This is where I pinned the was too early this am, so apologies for the blur factor :)

I sewed the top and got rid of about five inches from each side.

Stitched up teal-ish green top part!

I did the same to the skirt and brought it in at the waist so it actually fit!

Next came tweaking the sleeves. I cut them off...

Later big sleeves!

...and gave them more of a capped feel. That's all I did to take this from the before pic to this one...

Day 234 - After

It fit like a glove!! I paired it with a big, vintage rhinestone locket (with a faux emerald gem on it), a pair of wedges, and a slip (because that white was SEE THROUGH!!!) which was perfect for the office and perfect for my dinner that whisked me away to the set of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

My little mini-trip to Crete via dinner :)

Vino and spinach pie courtesy of Trader Joe's (which I totally didn't choose because of the green factor - totally coincidental) always makes me happy.

Feta on three!!

So do pretty dresses and big emerald rings :)