Day 233. 132 days and $131 left togo.

I was sad when I realized that another big, frou frou dress wasn't on the agenda today because Bridesmaid Week came to an end!! I think I may have to do a scattered handful or bring out "Prom Week" because I had such a blast working on those dresses!! OK, well today's is a dress, but something a little plainer, biggish and blah-ish than what we've been working with...

Day 233 - Before

But check out a close up of that fabric!!


I was in love with the orange birds that were singing and being merry with the fuchsia flowers. Clearly seeing an animated scene of this fabric in my head, I had to take it.

Another reason why I went with this was something that didn't involve using my sewing machine. Yep, there was a guest on my couch and instead of abruptly waking them at 6:30 this morning with the sound of a needle going to town, I worked diligently with a pair of scissors instead. I was like the crafty version of MacGyver this am, trying to get this piece into a wearable condition with two silent tools. Scissors and a seam ripper.

I began with the length of the dress first. I cut off more than half of the length to make it a top.

En route to turning into a top!

I then grabbed the seam rippers and unstitched each sleeve.

Too hot for sleeves!

That's all it took today!! I paired this top with an easy woven belt with black leather clasps and some jeans and I was out the door. PS, I didn't even wake my couchsurfer up when I took off for work which made me pat myself on my back.

Day 232 - After

I got to enjoy my top at tonight's Dodgers game as they battled the San Fran Giants!

Growing up in NY, I am a Yankee at heart, but I do support and root for my LA team! It made me giddy when I saw my FAVORITE player from my "yout" donned in Dodgers garb...Mr. Don Mattingly. He totally made it onto the back of my little league trading cards as my fave player when I was on the "Lions Club" team in 1990. As the hitting coach for the Dodgers, he's back in uniform!

Donnie Baseball!

Spent the night with AK, NK and MR rooting on our team, watching close-ups of Will Ferrell in the crowd, almost getting hit with a foul ball (no joke - I saw my life flash before my eyes as the dude directly in front of me got pelted in his arm and absorbed the shock before it came my way), eating churros, seeing the multiple Jumbo Cam shots of a three-year old doing windmills on his air guitar as "Livin' On a Prayer" filled the stadium and smiling for the cam in front of the dugout trying to get the super fierce security guard (to our left) who had a handlebar mustache in the background of our pic.

Groupies :)

We succeeded, but the Dodgers unfortunately did not.

Unfortch they lost...

We're still showing our love...


Happy Monday!