Day 230. 135 days and $134 left togo.

Bridesmaid Week! Day Five of Bridesmaid Week begins here…

My guess for the wedding song today...The Bee Gees, "How Deep is Your Love"

Day 230 - Before

1970s in the house!! I love the nightlife, I like to boogie!! I was completely compelled to grab this dress when I found it in a big, ole pile of clothes. I loved the cranberry color and the sheer, chiffon top was intriguing, so I thought this would be a fun piece to play with. This was all the rage in the 70s...


...I mean, I could have even made my wedding dress to look just like this with the help of this awesome Butterick pattern!! I wasn't feeling particularly girly in this dress, so I had to make a few tweaks to hit on more of the romanticky vibe :)

First thing is first, I'm hiking this bad boy up! Nothing says girly more than a hint of some leg! (No, I will not be wearing a garter belt underneath this one...we'll just leave that to the bride!)

Hike, hike, hike!

After cutting it short, I took off the bows that sat on each shoulder.

Bow Removal!

Dont' worry, I held onto them...they'll be back after intermission! I got to the neck next. I trimmed about two inches down the front of the dress from under where the V neck already sat. I wanted to get it a bit lower.

Neck Snip!

Once I trimmed, I pinned each side under and tacked it in place. This I then trimmed off the chiffon that was sewn to the back of the dress.

Trimmin that extra sheer chiffon!!

There was just too much bulky material, so I cut it out. I took those strands of fabric that I removed earlier from the shoulders and tied them into little bows at my chest, gathering all the chiffon from the front of the dress. The straps looked thinner now, and to be honest, I'd rather be hitting the dance floor in my newly shortened get up over that long puppy any day!

Day 230 - After

I'm totally ready to shake, shake, shake. Shake shake, shake. Shake my booty. Shake my booty! Ahh, love me some KC & the Sunshine Band!!

From the back!

I feel so much girlier in this now!! I would totally wear this in a wedding, or to a wedding even!! Doesn't feel time warpy at all! I loved how the back looked now without all the chiffon hiding the lovely dip.

I'm totally wearing this to a salsa class!

PS, this is totally one of those dresses that spins well. I was doing turns (like you do) and the skirt fluttered around gorgeously. Love when skirts sashay oh so nicely.

TGIF! Happy weekend friends :)