Day 229. 136 days and $135 lefttogo.

Bridesmaid Week! Day Four of Bridesmaid Week begins here…

My guess for the wedding song today…Peter Paul & Mary "Puff the Magic Dragon"

Day 229 - Before

This frockalicious get up was most definitely worn in the 60s, that's for sure. Brocade fabric that weighs about seven pounds, empire waist...all I'm sayin is that my bridesmaids will be in something comfy (none of this seven pound nonsense), cheap (that's a given), without boning (um, yesterday's top almost crushed a rib), and timeless :)

PS, I think I found someone else who was at this wedding...

Sister Dress!!


I think the color is's like a jade-emerald blend and I'm completely in love. I'm not, however, in love with the Puff Daddy sleeves. I'm also not accepting a ring from the waist either. There is some definite work that needs to get done before it's aisle ready.

First, we're going short, way, short.

Not a dress anymore!

Ooh, and those sleeves that I just was so fond of...later skaters!!

Cream Puff!!

Somebody hand stitched these puppies on and I was determined to remove each and every stitch.

Removal of sleeves, a total puffin' success!!

With the sleeves gone, this is what we were working with!

Getting closer...

I thought going down more of a vest route today would be fun. I cut a straight line all the way down the front of the newly shortened dress...

Snip down the center!

I sewed down the raw edges from the center cut as well as the raw arm holes and gave the piece a brand new hem. I then took two gold vintage buttons and sewed one on each side of my new piece to give it a more uniform-style look. Paired with a black tank and jeans, my outfit was ready!

Day 229 - After

I set a timer on the camera today and did it in my lovely patio...I moved all the bougainvillea vines away from the ledge and of course at the last-minute one shot up and made its way in the pic. It's kind of hilarious, so I just left it in. This branch is stalking me...

Being that Los Angeles is finally seeing the heat, I'm all about the sleeveless right now. Anything to avoid sweating...sign me up! Doctor's office with A/C, sign me up.

Yes, shot that with one arm in the powder room!

The Coffee Bean with blasting A/C, sign me up. The decision to bake in my kitchen because there was nothing I wanted more than homemade mac & cheese for dinner...unfortunately, sign me up. Yep, I'm out of my gourd. I signed up for an evening that included sweating my face off while blogging and catching up on So You Think You Can Dance from my couch. It was like I was dancing too because I was glistening with sweat more than Twitch and Comfort were after their ridic Dave Scott routine tonight. Secretly, that Chris Brown wedding aisle song still gets me bopping.

But don't those bridesmaid dresses, you won't find this at my wedding either :)