Day 231. 134 days and $133 left togo.

Bridesmaid Week! Day Six of Bridesmaid Week begins here…

My guess for the wedding song today…Hootie and the Blowfish "I Only Wanna Be With You"

Day 231 - Before

This is totally and completely a Jessica McClintock dress...who had one of these puppies in the late 80s/early 90s, be it a bridesmaid dress or a prom one? I laughed out loud when I found it because it was like THE brand of dresses for my middle school dances. I remember getting one for my eighth grade formal and then found out that another girlfriend of mine had the same one. I immediately returned it to Macy's and got something completely different to wear, and then showed up to the dance and saw five separate girls wearing it in black, green and blue.

We were all suckers for that lace detail!!

 Jessica McClintock!!!

OK, so speaking of the lace detail, I'm going to tweak this one just a bit.


The mesh that sits behind the lace is coming out!! I began by taking the seams out.

Extra mesh...goodbye!

And then just trimmed it out all the way. I wanted it to be completely sheer under the lace so you could see skin, not hidden skin by that meshy material!

Trim it out!

Ooh, and it wouldn't be a Jessica McClintock garb without these...

Buh-bye time!

...which I clearly took out!

I hit the sleeves next - the length was not happening (and it's hot as a sauna outside!!) so I took my seam ripper and went to town. I detached it on the seam around the elbow...

Sleeve Shortening!

...and then cut it shorter so it would be more of a cap style.

Sleeve Shortening Continues!!

Finally, before I got the sewing machine out to clean up all the raw edging, I cut off the skirt part right underneath the scalloped trim of the top.

And finally, the skirt!

Love those faux two piece set lookalikes!!

Post tweaks, this is what I got...

Day 231 - After

Loves it!!! So does my fave RM and Miss Meryl Streep :) Went to see RM's show, Streep Tease, which was eight fabulous dudes channeling their inner Meryl Streep by doing monologues from some of her classics. Such a fun night that ended with rendition of "Mamma Mia" on stage, and a proposal in the lobby.

Oscar worthy proposal?

OK, a faux proposal. Clearly it was just for the cameras... We tried this shot a few times and nailed it on the last one. I totally felt like Meryl after taking direction for our multiple tries!

Ooh, and my favorite part of the top...

From the back!

...the fabu open back!! Let me say how perfect open backs are for hot summer nights!! Extra (and much appreciated) breezes are key to not melting in the heat.

Not only were the Meryl faces key components to the show, they also worked smashingly well as fans.

Meryl & Marisa

PS, I should totally be the ninth cast rendition of Julie and Julia would be spot on :)

Bridesmaid week continues...last day is around the corner!!