Day 228. 137 days and $136 left togo.

Bridesmaid Week! Day Three of Bridesmaid Week begins here…

My guess for the wedding song today…Spandau Ballet “True.”

Day 228 - Before

Um, total product of the 80s. First, bow with sequins attached at the hip, check. Second, bias cut on/around my thigh, check. Third, magenta color, check. Hmm, as you can see below lots of brides had this color on their must list. Would love to see how the dudes looked. I'm guessing magenta vests or cumberbunds, for sure!!

"I'm so glad my BFF chose magenta with puffy sleeves as my bridesmaid gown!"

This dress actually fit me perfectly on the top, and since that was the case, I was going to go the bustier route. But, come on now...that sequined bow? Outta here!

Hello sequin bow!!

Quick snip of the thread holding it in place and it was a goner!

I woulda worn this in my hair circa 1988!

I loved the applique detail on the top of the dress and wanted to make that stand out a bit more so I got rid of the straps; the very thick, wrinkled straps.

Strap Cutting!!

They looked like mini cumberbunds - totally perfect for the ring bearer, you think? (PS. If any child was put in a magenta cumberbund for a wedding, A, that child should have a "get out of jail free card" for life, and B, I would appreciate a photo :)

Straps be gone!!

This is what it currently looks like! We're close!! We're close!!

Sans straps...

Next I'm going to get rid of the salsa skirt. I'm not currently performing on Dancing with the Stars and I don't plan on twirling around at all, so there is no real reason to keep it! Hiya scissors! Ready for a little trim?

Trimming off the bottom!

After cutting off the entire skirt (the extra fabric could totally make a cute wrap/bolero down the road...) my new bustier was ready for rehearsal dinner!

Day 228 - After

I paired it with my striped wide legged jeans (a fab find at the Gap Outlet back in September for less than $20), some ridic huge heels (I was totally 5'9" tonight!) and my strapless bra making it ready for a lovely evening out that did not include any sitting behind my sewing machine :)

Dinnertime garb :)

As I walked out Jennifer Jason Leigh, who happened to be sitting across the room, did a quick stare. Perhaps it was my new $1 top or perhaps I reminded her of someone...I hope she doesn't go all Single White Female on me now :)

Another wedding party down and another four to go!!