Day 227. 138 days and $137 left togo.

Bridesmaid Week! Day Two of Bridesmaid Week begins here...

My guess for the wedding song today...The Monkees’ “Daydream Believer.”

Day 227 - Before

This 60s gown was pretty intense...aside from the big sheer sleeves that were a bit much and the thick black satin fabric (it was beyond thick), the beadwork was TDF!! (To Die For!!) That's what hooked me...the blend of white pearls, clear crystal beads and rhinestones (which were all pretty much still intact, by the way) and I knew it had to be mine! The blend of black and white totally had me looking for other dresses that fit into this color palette.

These girls were totally into it...

"I must have black and white taffeta as the color of my bridesmaid's gowns!"

So was Brenda Walsh... (She gets a special mention - I know it wasn't for a wedding, but for Prom with Dylan McKay which actually trumps said wedding!)

I mean...I only wanted to attend West Beverly all childhood long!

I needed to get this up to date and that started first with taking off the sheer sleeves.

Sleeve ripping!!

Took out the seam ripper and started working. There were multiple seams keeping this sleeve on so it took awhile to get this removed. Towards the end of the second sleeve I just got to tearing.

Sleeve leftovers!

PS, those rips at the bottom were already there - the removal also assisted in not having to fix those :)

Check out the after...

Almost there!

Now that the sleeves have been removed, it was time to tweak the actual body of the dress. First thing's first, we've GOTS to get rid of this length. If I really had a wedding to go to, I may have thought twice about this step, but as my schedule this week is wedding-free, there was no need to keep it black tie. I chose black tie optional, that's for sure.

I cut off a good foot and a half of fabric from the bottom of the dress.

Long no more!

With the beadwork, I had to be careful as the beads were popping off right where I cut. I took some Scotch tape and taped the edges down for a makeshift stopper until I was ready to sew.

I prepped the bottom of the newly turned tunic with some pins and sewed a new hem at the bottom as well as stitching the armhole where the sheer sleeve was removed.

Hem time!

And because it was a bit large, I took it in a smidge on both sided to make it a little more fitted.

Day 227 - After

My night began at the ballpark...

Not Dodger Stadium but a lovely rec area in the val where I got to watch some of my favorite people play softball.

I stole a hat and one of their gloves and got tossing.

Hat On!

A little game of catch ensued...


...then I headed to the other entertainment portion of my night.

The Hills.

I had literally never watched this show until a marathon on MTV this Sunday changed all of that. Thanks to a little push from a friend I'll call LC* I not only watched but recorded the entire season. I mean with the fast forward option on my remote, I got through 10 episodes in about an hour, but was only to watch with LC this evening after I sported it out.

K Cav!!

I remember Kristin Cavallari back from the Laguna Beach years (which I have NO problem fessing up to watching) but after Hills-ing it the past day, I'm totally not in her boat. I thought I saw all I needed to see with Heidi Montag's surgery, but I was definitely wrong. Pretty much the entire show was addicting. The surge, however, was probably the best part of my viewing especially when those smart MTV folks paired it with clips of what she looked like four years ago. Oy vey :)

Another toast? I'm always down for's to a successful Day 2 and an even more successful Day 3!!

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.