Day 226. 139 days and $138 left togo.

Theme week returns!! Since we're in the midst of summer wedding season, I really just couldn't resist! Welcome to...

Bridesmaid Week!

Bridesmaid Week has arrived! Woo hoo! I thought it would be fun to grab some blasts from the past with the dresses I got my little hands on for the week. PS, we'll be "heading to the chapel" on Sunday, so stay tuned!!

Day One begins here...

My guess for the wedding song - Bryan Adams' "Everything I Do, I Do it For You."

Day 226 - Before

Remember when peach was the "it" color back in the late 80s. I had wallpaper with peach and aqua flowers on it not to mention a peach comforter on my day bed (I know...a day bed). I've finally gotten over being burnt out by peach and am not horrified by any longer. These girls were into it too, about fifteen years ago...

"I must have peach as the color of my bridesmaid's gowns!"

It was the hotness at the time, but just doesn't hold up anymore. Time to get this away from the receiving line!

First, those sleeves have got to go!! Out came the seam ripper and off came those sleeves.

Seam ripping sleeves!

There was a layer of peach crepe material that draped from the shoulders over each boob to the gathered waist. I'm cutting this layer off too, as there is another more fitted one underneath! It was like ripping up carpet and finding the most gorgeous hardwood floors beneath it! I snipped at the shoulders and at the waist to get rid of this.

Trimming that top layer off!

In my sleeve removing, there were two LARGE shoulder pads which I snipped out as well as these puppies that aided in a little extra push on top of the pads.

Extra lift along with the shoulder pads!!

I actually liked these gathered bits of material and began thinking how to salvage them. My aha moment came and I thought they'd look cute as lil' mini cap sleeves on my shoulders.

I pinned them to the arm hole and stitched them in place. I also stitched up the armholes here as well and the dress was pretty much completed!

New ruffle cap sleeves!!

The last step was taking off the skirt. I trimmed the entire thing off right under the little cumberbund-y, gathered waist and had a brand new, sparkly, vintage looking top. Paired with a beige tank underneath, jeans and some flats (they're the Lela Rose for Payless flats which my mom so cutely surprised me with a few months back - the first time on my feet and I'm definitely waking up with blisters in the am!)

Day 226 - After

The sequin and beaded section was super sheer, so my tank underneath gave a little extra hint of color that peeked through.

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!!)

I wouldn't have thought this came from the before pic, that's for sure.

Let's toast to Day One of Bridesmaid Week!!!