Day 225. 140 days and $139 left to go.

OK, let's just begin by saying how heinous this piece is right now. I'll definitely give it up. Day 225 - Before

Now there was definitely something that I liked about the fabric, however it looked pretty atrosh the way it was. There were fun destination locations printed on it along with random old-fashioned looking men and women in pink and green printed as well. Check it out!

Look at that fabric!!

Now there is just way too much of this fabric - for something super thick and a little overly patterned, I'm going to cut it down a bit.

Too much heavy, thick fabric!!!

Chopped off about nine inches! We're getting there... Arms next. There is no way we're keeping the 3/4 length especially when there is a cuff as well. Time to go cap sleeved!

Shorten up those puppies!!

After the sleeve and length trimming, out came the sewing machine to get to stitching. Sleeves, done.


Hem, done. And while it was turned inside out, I took an inch in on each side, to make it just a smidge more fitted.

No more dress!!

Paired with a large hat, some wedges and jeans, I thought my city-covered fabric tunic would be fun to wear on a little trip.

Day 225 - After

PS, little sidenote - I'm feeling a little like Sharon Tate right now.

The lovely ST

(Definitely taking a cue from the fabulous SF in my huge hat and glasses.)

OK, with my luggage in tow, I'm off to the terminal.


Well not really. I mean I was at the airport, yes, but not to actually go anywhere. Were friends there with pieces of luggage that I pretended were my own, yes.

But wait, I guess you could technically say I traveled a bit today...

Viva España! the lovely Joburg (via an HDTV) to watch Spain take the World Cup.

And, I guess I was secretly rooting all day...


Among the Aspen's, Nice's, and Cannes' on the fabric, Madrid and Marbella sat there as well....

Totally sad that the games have ended...until the next Cup in Rio, 2014 :)