Day 224. 141 days and $140 left togo.

It's like I'm a milkmaid in this dress. Day 224 - Before

Seriously, I feel just like this...

My Milk: Coming to a Grocer's Your Way Soon

...well just not porcelain. I was definitely not happy with status quo, so changes, here we come!

That second layer of fabric from the ric rac trim and down was going away. I took scissors and trimmed this bottom layer off.

Goodbye last layer :)

Next the collar had to go...

Collar, ugh!!

...followed by those weird white fabric puffs on each sleeve. Who thought that was a good idea?

Sleeves, ugh!

With the collar gone, I want to change up the neckline. I used my seam ripper to undo about an inch on each side of the neckline.

Un seaming the old neck!

With this adjustment, I made some cuts. I trimmed down about three inches on each side - right at the spot where I took out the seam out. I made an additional cut down the center which was about a quarter of an inch longer than each side cut. This is because I want to match the slight V that is made at the waist with the ric rac trim.

Neck prep!

I pinned down all the edges to sew up my new, open, neckline.

More neck prep!

After taking the dress in about two inches on each side, my Saturday ensemble was finito!!

Day 224 - After

Off to the movies tonight!

Claiming our spots!

Now this wasn't a traditional, let's go to the theater to see Toy Story 3 (which I'm still dying to check out) night. Nope, this was a let's go to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to listen to a DJ spin some jams while picnicking before a screening of Arsenic and Old Lace was shown on the wall of the Douglas Fairbanks lawn. The scene for those who may be a little weirded out it looks like this...

The crowd

It's actually quite amazing - each summer in LA, fun movies are shown on Saturday nights at Hollywood Forever with hundreds and hundreds of folks hanging out and watching classics. You're not sitting on graves at all - you do walk past tombstones and large mausoleums, however you're sitting on a large, sparse lawn.

We thought it would be the perfect spot to bring the fam visiting from Austria. I think BP and TP may have been a little freaked out at first when we described this to them last week, however they definitely enjoyed the night.

The cousins!

We brought tri tip sandwiches, beers, hummus and pita chips with some delish almond cookies from Trader Joe's to keep us snacking all night.

You & Me & the Palm Tree Makes Three Tonight!

Even though you can't see in this pic, I brought some jeans along with and had thrown them on at this point. It was getting chilly, but we came prepped with plenty of blankets and sweatshirts to stay warm. It was like camping without the tents or sleeping bags or actually staying overnight. Port-O-Potty's, however, were most definitely in the house.

As the sun set, the skies turned a gorgeous purplish-pink...

It's Showtime!

...and the movie began rolling. Action!