Day 223. 142 days and $141 left togo.

I don't know about you, but closing out the work week in something comfortable (muumuu), something cozy (muumuu) and something cute (muumuu) was just the speed for today! When I found this muumuu, I was immediately taken by the fabric. Not only is it purple (!!) but it's got these great little half moon-ish shapes on the fabric... Day 223 - Before

...that reminded me of a reniform leaf!!


Yep, those leaves remind me of a being a little kid, because I swear I used one of them to do a tracing/shading art project :) I guess the art project begins again...

First, I'm going short!!


l really, really disliked the inch and a half collar on the piece, so I just took the whole thing off!

No more mock neck!

I also wanted to open up the neck. It's summer (even though it's still overcast here...) and I want to show a little bit of skin. Yep, I'm literally going to be showing a very little patch of skin. I trimmed a slit down the center of the neck and pinned it down.


l got out my sewing machine and stitched the new neckline, took up the sleeves (made them hit my elbows), and took in the dress about an inch on each side. Last step was trimming a strip of fabric from the excess to use as a little belt.

Art project completed!!!

Day 223 - After

PS, it kind of reminds me of this awesome and $138 dress by Patterson J. Kinkaid at Shopbop.


Because of my good grade, my reward was the following...


I got to celebrate with the fam over margies and Baja Fresh - always love a low-key Friday night hang sesh. The dress is under my black wrap, because as the night proceeded and we didn't move from the backyard, I got chilly as the temps dipped low. Looking forward to a sunny and warm next few days...fingers crossed!

TGIF! Happy weekend friends :)