Day 222. 143 days and $142 left togo.

Guess who didn't spend a dime on today's outfit?? I'm pretty excited about this one. Remember Day 209? Here's a little refresher...


Now this is what it looked like before.

Day 222 - Before

I used the top of it for my 209th ensemble as I rooted on the Yankees, but I was still left with this...

The Leftovers!!

I was thinking about my options. What to do, what to do? A skirt, a tube top, a mini-mini dress, perhaps? Nope, didn't go with any of those today. I'm wearing this on top!

My first step was cutting a straight line in the direct middle (in front) of the skirt

Skirt Slice!

I then made a little snip where the sash part of the waist was, as this was going to be the hole to put my arms in. I'm using the sash as my sleeves today!

Soon-to-be arm hole!

I then made two snips on each side of my center slit right at the seam.

Continuing the new arm hole work...

Basically the left side had a backwards L trimmed out while the right side had a regular L snipped out.

Laying out the sash on my floor, you can see that this is the perfect place for my arms.

This ain't gonna be a skirt sash any longer!

All I need to do is seam rip the ends so my hands can peek out.

Unseaming the new sleeves!

After a sewing and trimming sesh, my cover up was ready for the chilly July day. Yeah, you heard me's Los Angeles, it's July, and it's 68 degrees.

Day 222 - After

I put on a vintage brooch as well to give the top a little bling. Because I was cold this evening, I made brownies...

Brownie time!

...and then enjoyed them while watching ESPN and all the LeBron James coverage. Seriously LJ, seriously?

Brownie & ESPN...Night of Champions

Can't tell you how much I look forward to rooting on everyone but the Heat this year!! (Sorry Florida and D Wade fans...I still heart you guys.)

He just snagged about $15 million or so and I just made my top for nothing tonight...I guess we both won :)