Day 221. 144 days and $142 left togo.

This has a slightly nautical feel today - I guess I'm still in the Independence Day spirit! Check out that hole though!! Day 221 - Before

I mean, did the person who used to wear/own this come in contact with a tiger? In case it's a little tricky for you to understand, enjoy the reenactment.

Take a bite out of crime!

Now, I could patch up that hole or I could just cut it off. I went with the latter.

Scissors are starting to go to town!

I began to trim off part of the polka-dotted sleeve which will take care of that hole issue.

Scissors just went to town and now they're off to a neighboring one

The sleeve has taken on new form! Love where this is going...

Ooh, and I clearly had to get rid of these.


After the pad removal came the fitting of the body. I pinned each side, from the new arm hole down to the waist, a few inches to get rid of the billowyness.

Tightening up the body!

My last step was shortening up the pleated skirt. I cut off a good foot and also trimmed off a two inch section from that excess to be wrapped around my waist.

From ankle to knee-ish length!

My dress was ready for a little screening action (The Kids Are All Right is awesome - Mark Ruffalo/Annette Bening are fab!) and some posing in the parking garage, like you do.

Day 221 - After

Earlier on in the day, AR asked if there were crawfish on the dress because the red fabric kind of looked like them.

Close-ish up!

Unfortunately, they were just flowers, but I did come across this ridiculous article of clothing which did rock some shellfish.


There are really items out there that have images of mini lobsters, as well as mint juleps and "shark attack" scenes on them!!

I prefer eating lobster instead of wearing it, however I would love to see the person who's got that puppy in their closet!

Shivering in July!

And yes...I'm shivering in July. Cheeeeeeese!!