Day 220. 145 days and $143 left togo.

House dress time!!! The fabric on this puppy grabbed me hook, line, and sinker. I adored the bold and bright colors and knew that I just had to have it. Wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do with it when I snagged it for a buck, but I knew that it must be mine. Day 220 - Before

In addition to the print on the FAB-ric (how have I never used that one before???) it was heavy and felt like butter. Literally it would have made an awesome pillowcase. I loved everything going on except the way it fit me, so I was ready to get crackin' to turn this into something chic, summery and superb :)

First step was cutting off the ruffled bottom. (Don't freak out yet...that's my favorite part too and I'm not totally getting rid of it.)

Trimming off the frills!

Next step was reattaching the ruffle, just bringing it up a bit higher on the dress. Didn't want it to cut me off at my ankles...not cute.

Frill reattachment!

I turned the bit of ruffle fabric inside out, upside down and pinned it down around the entire dress where I was going to reattach.

About ready to go under the needle

Post ruffle reattachment, I made the back of the dress the front and unbuttoned the closure. I pulled down each side and pinned it in place, as this was going to become my new neck.

I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it

Before it was completely finished, I took it in about two inches on each side, sewed it up, and then paired it with my belt from Day 25.

An impromptu dinner to assist IH in his move a few miles away was exactly what the doctor ordered after a long and busy weekend!

Day 220 - After

We kind of helped pack up some little things, but we mostly drank wine out of martini glasses, ate pizza from my fave Village Pizzeria...

The Veggie II!! Eggplant, pesto, & spinach? Swoon...

...and tried on big plastic feet.

Drink Me!

I felt like Alice in Wonderland and look like I shrunk as I sat on the kitchen counter sipping and enjoying my slice in between stabs at the Roger Rabbit, the waltz with JMT, and the Running Man which I most definitely tripped trying to attempt. I don't know how Shaq does it.

One of the last times I'll set foot (I'm here all week folks...don't forget to tip your servers!) at the casa de Cahuenga. Had to end it with a zinger, right??