Day 219. 146 days and $144 left togo.

The weekend continues!! Last day off before the work week begins, so it's off to the beaches... Before the trip down PCH begins, we gotta figure out the outfit. A little bit of color and frills for a day on the sand.

Day 219 - Before

Looks not so bad, eh? The fabric is pretty stellar - I'm loving the purples, pinks, aquas and beiges blended together. One problem...that dress has a complete tear all the way up and down the center of it. I'm holding it together at the waist, but check it out.


That's the right side of it and you can only imagine what the left one looks like. Not into wearing a sleeveless robe today, so fixing here we come.

First thing's first. Pin the front of the dress together!!!

Pinning to close up shop!

Next, pin each side of the dress about an inch to make it a little more fitted.

Pinning the sides to tighten up!


Sew time!

There really wasn't much to this one. When I originally found this dress, I'm sure it had passed through many, many hands because of its wear and [BIG] tear, however I saw the easy potential of making it chic again.

Hello Pacific Ocean :)

Day 219 - After

It was my fab friend TJ's birthday and in tradition it was spent beachside in Santa Monica. He gathered the peeps...

Stuck in the middle with NC & BN

He gathered the grub...

Señor "You Can Travel With Your Portable Taco Gear To My House Anytime Because it's That Awesome"

And it was the best way to close out the holiday weekend. I mean, get a load of this...


Nothing beats continuing the Independence Day celebration more than good pals, good food and beer coozies with your face on them in celebration of your birthin' day.

Straw Hat Brigade!!

And the food didn't finish there...

Let them eat cake!!

I mean, seriously? The Uncle Sam hat cake from Gelson's (Viktor Benes bakery-style!) was exactly the way to close up the day. Well that and the margarita I was sipping from a red plastic cup.

Hope everyone had a blissful weekend!

PS...Just a little note of thanks for all the amazing comments you've been leaving lately! I love that we're spanning the world :) I'm backed up on responding, but know how happy and psyched and thrilled I get reading each and every one of them. You guys rule. xx M