Day 218. 147 days and $145 left togo.

Happy Independence Day!! For those celebrating here in the US, I hope BBQ-ing, touch football games, Nathan's hot dog eating contest (one of my yearly faves), beaching, pool action and of course, fireworks were on the agenda! I headed down to Huntington Beach to celebrate, but not before getting all geared up in my RED, WHITE, & BLUE.

The before...

Day 218 - Before

It looks a bit Grand Ole Opry and a little like my girl Dolly.

I heart Dolly!

Partially because of these...

Rhinestone Cowboy!, clearly not my boobs, but the entire top of the dress!! It was covered in rhinestones!! It was a bit kitschy, but to celebrate the 4th, I was ready to go all out!

It's too hot to beach it in a long dress and quite frankly, I dislike the length a LOT, so I'm going to turn it into a mini. I first cut off about ten inches of fabric...

First Cut!

...and then cut a two inch section off to use for a little belt.

This is going around my waist very, very soon!

I stitched down the raw edges of the belt and made a new hem at the bottom of my dress.

New hem for my short dress!

It was getting there! I tried it on and made one more adjustment to the halter straps.

I cinched them on each side which totally gave the dress a more femme vibe. I used some extra fabric and tied little bows in the cinched area, but thought that it looked borderline Shirley Temple (as well as like an old dance costume of mine from 1986) so I went without. Didn't want to totally go off the deep end.

Halter's complete!

I paired it with my fab straw hat (a total Walgreen's purchase last summer in Palm Springs for $9) and white aviators and hit the beach!

Day 218 - After

Ooh, and I left out the part where I paired the outfit with a Lava Flow (strawberry margie/pina colada blend) which didn't take long to finish.

Yep, the glass is empty and I'm still sucking through that straw

Can't resist a sweet, blended drink when it's hot out - super yumsters and they make me feel like I'm on a tropical vacation :)


We got a little volleyball and baseball action in...

Bump, set, spike!

...which led us to passing out for a bit...

AK Sandwich

...before the fireworks display.

Explosions in the Sky!

PS, I totally thought my dress was Katy Perry-esque after it was complete so when I found her as I was browsing through this week's People, I couldn't resist.

California Gurls in Huntington Beach!!

Three day weekend continues!! Have a fabulous Monday friends!!